What do you write on a gift card?

What do you write on a random gift card?

Just Because… / No Special Occasion

  1. Just because I love you…
  2. For the best reason of all – none.
  3. May your day be as wonderful as you are.
  4. Just because you’re you.
  5. I hope you’re my friend forever. …
  6. To brighten your day!
  7. Hope these make your ordinary day, extraordinary!
  8. Just wanted to brighten up your day!

What to write while giving a gift?

Phrases for Giving Gifts

  • I got you something. I hope you like it.
  • Look what I have for you!
  • I thought you might like this for…
  • Happy Birthday! [Happy Anniversary!] …
  • [Handing present to someone] Enjoy!
  • It’s only something small, but I hope you like it.
  • Here’s a little present for you.
  • Guess what I bought you!

What should I write in a surprise gift?

To Simply Convey Affection with a Gift:

  • You are special and the one we adore. So, sending this little box of surprise for you…!
  • Someone special like you deserves the best. Tried a bit to give you a little yet best surprise with this gift!
  • Love and affection fonder with little jovial moments!

What do you say in a surprise gift?

You can thank the person for what you *do* appreciate about the gift; for example: “It was so thoughtful of you to bring me something from your vacation!” “I am so grateful you always think of us around the holidays.” “I was so surprised to get a package in the mail!

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What do you write in a just because card for a friend?

Some examples could be:

  • “Nothing makes me prouder than to call you my friend…”
  • “I can’t believe I’ve known you since…”
  • “Remember that year I…”
  • “I feel so lucky that I have a friend who…”

What do you write in a Christmas gift card?


  • “Best wishes for a joyous Christmas filled with love, happiness and prosperity!”
  • “May all that is beautiful, meaningful and brings you joy be yours this holiday season and throughout the coming year!”
  • “Merry Christmas! …
  • “May your holidays sparkle with joy and laughter.”

What do you write on a pocket gift?

Casual Wedding Wishes

  • Best wishes to the happy couple.
  • Here’s to a long and happy marriage.
  • Hugs and kisses to the sweet couple.
  • Wishing you the very best today and always.
  • Lots of love to you both!
  • I am thrilled for you to start you life together.
  • Here’s to love and happiness!
  • Wishing you a lifetime of joy.

What do you write in a thank you card for money?

How to Word a Thank You Note for Money in a Card

  1. Thank you so much for your generous gift. I plan to use it to save towards ____. …
  2. Thank you for your gift! …
  3. Thank you for the birthday money. …
  4. Thanks for the gift card to ____! …
  5. The money you sent me is very appreciated. …
  6. Thanks for the money!

How do you thank someone for a gift card?

Money and gift cards

  1. “Thank you for the generous gift card to REI! …
  2. “Thank you for the birthday $5! …
  3. “I just used the birthday money you sent toward a new power sander. …
  4. “Just wanted to say a big THANK YOU for the coffee shop gift card. …
  5. “Thank you for your thoughtful and generous gift.
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