You asked: Can Target gift cards be used at other stores?

Where can you use a Target gift card other than Target?

Target Gift Cards can be used to purchase a variety of items from Target stores and including: Alcohol and other restricted items. Starbucks items within Target stores. Target Café items.

Can you cash out a Target gift card?

If you want to get money from a store gift card, then Yes! You can get cash off a gift card if it’s a closed-loop gift card (one that is only usable at a particular store) by selling it to a gift card reseller. For example, you can get cash from a Target gift card, a Sephora gift card, a Home Depot gift card and more.

Can you use Target gift cards at Starbucks inside Target?

Yes! Target essentially licenses all the Starbucks stuff, so the Starbucks inside Target stores are still staffed by Target employees and use that Target POS system. Yes the Starbucks in the target stores accept Starbucks gift card or a target gift card because Starbucks is renting a space from within the target.

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Can you use a Target gift card to buy a Visa gift card?

Target electronic gift cards can be used to purchase merchandise at any Target stores throughout the United States or on You cannot use Target eGift cards to purchase Visa and American Express gift cards. Additionally, it is not permitted to use a Target card to purchase a prepaid card.

Can I use a Target gift card on Amazon?

Target GiftCards can only be used in Target stores and online at as of 2022. However, Target GiftCards can be used at Starbucks, CVS, and Target Optical, as long as the store is located within a Target. Unfortunately, Target GiftCards cannot be used at Walmart, Amazon, Home Depot, Walgreens, etc.

Can you use Target GiftCards at Ulta?

(You cannot use Target gift cards on the Ulta website or in Ulta stores. You cannot use Ulta gift cards on the Target website or in Target stores). The selection of brands available on is limited.

What can you do with a Target gift card?

Target GiftCards can be redeemed, for all or part of their value, anywhere in a Target store or on

  • Target GiftCards can be used: To purchase alcohol and other restricted items. At Starbucks within Target stores. …
  • Target GiftCards cannot be used: To make RedCard payment(s)

How do I transfer a Target gift card to PayPal?

How to add a gift card to PayPal

  1. Go into your PayPal Wallet on a desktop computer. …
  2. Click “Link a debit or credit card.”
  3. Tap “Link a card manually” if given the option to link manually or through a bank.
  4. Enter the gift card information.
  5. Tap “Link Card.”
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Can you add Target gift cards to PayPal?

Does Paypal Accept Target Visa Gift Cards? Yes. There is no limit to where you can live in the U.S. If PayPal is accepted, you can use prepaid gift cards with Visa, MasterCard, American Express, or Discover logos.

Can I use Target card at Starbucks?

Target RedCard debit and credit cards can be used at any Target store,, and in-store Starbucks as of 2022 for benefits like a 5% discount and free same-day delivery.

Do Target gift cards expire?

Target GiftCards will always be used as first type of tender before charging a credit/debit card. Target GiftCards don’t expire, and don’t lose value over time, even if this is printed on gift card. A account is required to access and redeem email and mobile gift cards in store or online purchases.

Can you use Target gift cards self checkout?

In short, no. Target has a rule that gift cards (and alcohol, for obvious reasons) cannot be purchased at self checkout because there are specific bar codes to be scanned for some gift cards. It’s easier to go to a regular register with a live person to get those done anyway.

Can you use a Target gift card to buy an Apple gift card?

And here’s a bonus tip: If you use a Target card, you can get an extra 5 percent back for another $5 in savings. The Apple gift card can be used to buy anything Apple sells, including subscriptions, movies, music, and of course, devices. The offer is good on any denomination as long as it adds up to at least $100.

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Where can I use a Target Visa card?

Physical gift cards with a Visa, Mastercard, or American Express logo can be used at any merchant that accepts Visa, Mastercard, or American Express. Just present your card at the time of payment and sign the receipt. Some restrictions apply. Your card can’t be used for cash advances, ATM transactions or at casinos.