What are good things to put in a gift basket?

What do you put in a gift basket?

Family Night– In a large bowl, add a puzzle or game, popcorn, candy bars, soda, hot chocolate mix and mugs. Fruit Basket- Line a basket with tissue paper. Add apples, oranges, hot chocolate mix, various teas and dried fruits (like figs or raisins). Sprinkle in the shell nuts on top of everything.

What can I put in a gift basket that’s not food?

You can include coffee, chocolate, a cute travel mug, flowers or a succulent for his/her desk, a journal or notepad, pencil pouch, money or a gift card to a restaurant and lastly a thank you card.

What do you put in a pamper basket?

What to put in a DIY bath gift basket:

  1. Fancy handmade or organic soaps.
  2. Bubble bath.
  3. Bath salts, bath beads or bath bombs.
  4. Body scrubs.
  5. Body lotion or body butter.
  6. Face masks.
  7. Loofah or shower sponge.
  8. Scented candle.

What can I put in a food basket?

Items to Put in Food Baskets for the Needy

  1. Vegetables and Fruit. Canned vegetables are always welcome, both for holiday baskets and everyday donations. …
  2. Meat and Protein. …
  3. Grains and Pasta. …
  4. Holiday Food and Treats.
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How do you make a snack basket?

Snacks to Include

For instance, if you’re going with crackers, get lots of different kinds. Then add in a nice wheel of cheese and a bottle of wine. Or if you’re going with a movie gift basket, put in some Good n’ Plenty candies, M&Ms, bags of popcorn, and some individual cans of soda.

How do you fill empty space in a gift box?

Tips & tricks for filling a gift box

  1. Add bunched up paper to the bottom of the box and cover it with the colorful shredded filler. …
  2. Take edible items out of their commercial packages and wrap them up in more decorative containers. …
  3. Use small berry baskets to hold even smaller items that might get lost otherwise.

What do you put in a ladies pamper box?

What beauty gifts to put in a pamper hamper? Facial toners, face creams, clay masks, hand cream, body lotion, make-up items, beauty and hair products, fragrances and aromatherapy products made from premium or all-botanicals ingredients are ideal pamper hamper inclusions.

What do you put in a spa?

Some suggestions include:

  1. Bath bombs.
  2. Bath salts.
  3. Meditation CD, or relaxing music.
  4. Scented candles.
  5. A loofah.
  6. A body brush.
  7. Soaps – gourmet versions, glycerin, and scented, some castile.
  8. Moisturizer for hands, face, and body.

What do you put in a pamper hamper for mums?

10 perfect pampering gifts for new mums

  • Relaxing eye mask set, bath bombs, rich body cream and foot butter.
  • Scented candles, aromatherapy massage oils and natural soothing scents.
  • A beautiful ribboned photograph album for making wonderful memories.
  • Fresh food, diet planning or meal service that delivers organic ingredients.
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