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Museware Monogrammed Wedding Frame
Museware Pottery is a great line of unique personalized gifts that could be given for many special occasions. These pottery presents are an intimate and timeless way to show someone special or the perfect couple the true spirit of gift giving. These inspirational gifts are available for a myriad of special occasions including; weddings, showers, babies, or ideal for everyday gifts for moms, dads, and grandmoms. Handmade and handpainted, Museware Pottery is not only a Baby Feet Plate Personalized Giftpersonalized gift, but a memory that is literally hand molded and lasts forever.

For the new baby, Museware Pottery makes an adorable keepsake plate that has little baby feet in the middle, surrounded by all of the baby's particulars:  name, birth date, time of birth and the newborn's weight and length.

A splendid personalized gift by Museware Pottery for weddings, engagements, or Valentine's Day is the Imagine Love Wedding Plate. This square plate will have love birds singing "I Love You" all over again. The unique heart design is flawless, meanwhile the gift style enables the buyer to choose the names of the couple and the date they met, became engaged, married, etc.
Museware Personalized Imagine Love Wedding Plate

Museware Pottery offers a great way to say "you're special" to each of your loved ones...making a perfect birthday, anniversary or grandparent gift.  The Grandparent plate is a unique and thoughtful way to show love and affection from a new grandchild or several grandchildren.  It can be customized to say the nickname in up to 10 bolded characters, and have up to 20 names of grandchildren, cousins, etc. in the background.  Certainly a gift to be treasured always. 

Museware Grandparent Plate

Made in America, Museware Pottery personalized gifts are not only fun, but are so exclusive because they provide a new niche in personalized gift giving. Not only hand crafted and hand painted, but these gifts enable the gift giver all the options to design and enhance the item really making it something special, which is what gift giving is all about. : )

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