Spotlight On H&K Designs

Spotlight On H&K Designs

H&K steel sculptures are a true innovator when it comes to their products. Their specialized wine caddies and desk accessories are unlike any other because they are welded from recycled copper and steel. Initially created by German metal sculptor Guenter Scholz, these art collections are made by a collaboration of American artists and European artisans to achieve their unique look.

H&K Sports Fanatic Wine Caddy


From work to play, there are a myriad of categories to choose from including sports, music, love, and the office. Each piece of art can be identified by the signature eyeglasses they wear, also making them highly exclusive.

H&K Single Bottle Bartender


With so many collections uniquely welded together with simple metal, nuts, and bolts, these sculptures are sure to be an eye catching gift anyone would be proud to display. The wide variety of categories allows finding the perfect gift easy and fun.


H&K Cat Business Card Holder